Wholesale Case of 20)JSLIST ACU Carry Bag

Wholesale lot of (20) JSLIST ACU Carry Bag
Wholesale lot of (20) JSLIST ACU Carry Bag
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Product Description

Wholesale lot of (20) JSLIST ACU Carry Bag


One case of



NSN# 8465-01-540-9951


Bag, JSLIST, Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology


The JSLIST bag currently is the military’s standard nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) Protection Bag.

The JSLIST bag is used to carry an individual’s NBC protective equipment.  

Measures closed Approx. 16” Tall x 17” Wide x 8” Depth


  • The bag has 4 separate interior pockets and the top folds over and is secured by two buckles. 
  • The two attached straps enable the bag to be carried as a back pack.
  • A separate carry handle at the top. 
  • The bag can be attached to the top of  the large rucksack.

This is a description sent in from a loyal customer:

Designed to compactly store and transport bulky overgarments for the military, this heavy duty weatherproof bag is an excellent choice for civilian use as well. Internal dividers organize items neatly while external straps compress the load to a managable size. A variety of carry options add to the versatility of this bag. It is ideal for keeping cold weather/emergency gear safe in the trunk of a car or behind the seat of a truck. Removing the internal dividers makes the bag even more useful. Like new with crisp clean ACU camo colors, it even has an ID card holder for an inventory list. An awesome bag at a great price.