Gerber Multi-Plier MP 600 DET with Sheath #07400

Gerber Multi-Plier MP 600 DET with Sheath #07400
Gerber Multi-Plier MP 600 DET with Sheath #07400
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Product Description

Gerber Multi-Plier MP 600 DET with Sheath #07400


"MP 600 DET"


The following information is taken from Gerber's web site:

Designed specifically with the combat engineer in mind, this version of the MP600 is built to offer compact versatility. Covered in a black, non-reflective coating that won't give you away, this tool is easily accessible with one hand. With task-specific tools, this tool is invaluable.  When you put this tool in the skilled and steady hands of a combat engineer, the first thing he'll probably say is something like this: How the devil did I ever get along without this? Its a fair question when you consider the compact versatility of the D.E.T.  Unique to the D.E.T., a punch for C4 explosives and a blasting cap crimper. Then there's the pure, can-do functionality of the premium RemGrit blade for severing cable. The ballistic nylon sheath is part of the package. 


    • Overall Length: 6.61"
    • Closed Length: 5.04"
    • Weight: 9 oz.
    • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
    • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
    • Pliers Type: Blasting Cap Crimper
    • Handle Color: Black Oxide

  1. Needlenose pliers
  2. Blasting cap crimper
  3. Wire cutter
  4. Patented one-handed opening
  5. Saf.T.Plus locking knife and tools
  6. RemGrit saw with universal coupler
  7. Large flat blade screwdriver
  8. Can opener
  9. File
  10. Ruler
  11. Wire crimper
  12. Cross point screwdriver
  13. Lanyard ring
  14. Serrated/Fine edge knife
  15. C4 Punch